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Information about the following links...
All of the following links were compiled by myself, and I hope you enjoy them...If you'd like me to put a link to your site, let me know and I'll put it up. Enjoy! ^_^

See? Legolas is happy to see the links, so why aren't you? ^_^

LOTR Sites I'm Promoting
The Council of Elrond An amazing site with wonderful information and language help. It's one of my favorites. A wonderful site I just found. Arwen-Undomiel is definatly one of my favorites. The official home site of LOTR. Good information, updates on films and whatnot...good sorce of information. Another wonderful site, LOTRUK has name translators, quizes, and games. Enjoy! ^_^

More Sites I'm Promoting
The Jedi Era Run by my friend Linari, TJE is a Star Wars RPG. Enjoy!
The Orlando Bloom Files For all of you Orlando fans out there, this is one site you don't want to miss! ^_^
Drew Fuller Fan Love the hot hunk Chris from Charmed? This is one website you don't want to miss! For those SW fans out there, check out this website. Fics, updates about Episode 3, and much more can be found here!
100% Brad An amazing Brad Pitt Fanclub site.....check out all the pictures and whatnot, you'll love him even more!
The Official Star Wars Site The Official SW site, but you have to be a member to get exclusive stuff......but you can still get into the archives and whatnot.....*heart*