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Bah, pointless information below...
Well now, thought you'd get some meaningless information so you could stalk me, is that it? Well, I'm not going to give that out, you careless, procrastinating, Necropheliacs! The only info I'm giving is what my e-mail is, so bug off!!! *glares*

How did an idiot like me make this site?
Well, I'm not even sure myself...I just signed up and bam! There it is....and now I'm updating it all so it's an actual site.....let me know what you think of it, and whatnot.....Maybe I'll put my stories up on here.......hm......

Other Stuff you don't need to know
Hm....what can I put here.....well, you already know I'm a Pyro....AH!

Alright, here's a bit more about me and what I like:

1) I love Bishounen. Bishounen is the Japanese word for 'pretty boys', so naturally my site has a 'Bishounen of the Month'  part on it. Each month I'll do my best to give you each a new Bishounen to check out. Hopefully you all like them as much as I do...

2) I love movies. Each month I'll be giving you a list of the movies I've seen that month and what's coming up in the following weeks and whatnot. Maybe I'll even give you a bit on what I thought of the movie, if you're lucky...

3) I love pictures. Pictures pictures pictures. I love them. Especially terrains and land scenes. I love fantasy pictures (no, not porn, thank you very much) with dragons and unicorns and other fantastical creatures. Send me some, and I'll post them on the website!!! ^_^