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The Apocalypse is Coming...

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First, let me introduce myself...

Most of you know me as ApocalypticPyro, or Dar. You probably know me from MSN, school, or Well, I'm not that interesting. I'm a teenage girl who loves computers, LOTR, Star Wars, and obsesses over the pretty boys. Heh, I sound like a typical girl. (BTW: That picture over there isn't me....I wish it was, but it isn't....heh...Kate Beckinsale from Van Helsing...)

Well, there's a history behind my name. I'm an obsessive Pyro, not a pyromaniac like many others would tell you, but a simple person who loves fire to an extreme extent. I'll probably tell you about my fire adventures later....

Well, I built this website out of pure curiosity (thanks Tyrael), and I want to try it out...seems interesting so far....drop me a line, folks! ^_^

My Updates
Alright....Here are a few of my updates...

06/07/04: Wow....heh....well, this is the first official day I have my page set up. Not much so far....ah well, E-mail me!

My Movie Picks of the Month

Now, these aren't necessarily movies that came out this month, just movies I've seen and I like for this month.

Alright, these are my picks of the month:

- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Seen it, very good!)
- Troy (Seen it, EXTREMELY good)
- Van Helsing (Seen it, Awesome!)
- Shrek 2 (Seen it, phenomenal!)
- Kill Bill Vol. 2 (not in theatres very much, but really good)

Coming soon:

- Chronicles of Riddick
- The Stepford Wives (if you like creepy movies)
- Garfield (For those of you that love that cat)
- Spider-Man 2 (GO DOC OC!!!! w00t!!! Down with Spiderman, Doc Oc must prevail!)

Well, take those into consideration, and I hope you like them

((This is updated sporatically...))

My School Life

So, how many of you are checking this out and are students at Westerly High? *raises hand and counts how many there are* sheesh...told ya we were a small town.

Anyways, today, there was a bomb threat at school. No big deal right? Heh...

We started the day off peacfully, going to first period and then, BANG! We hit second period. 5 minutes after class started, *breet! breet!* Fire alarm goes off. So we all file out nice and quietlike, and stand on the field. Well....we were standing on the feild for 3 hours.....

They served most of us lunch and whatnot, gave us water to keep us all hydrated so we wouldn't pass out so we wouldn't sue them....but they wouldn't let us leave...what a pain.

Anyways, they still haven't caught the perp yet.....hope they do soon...I don't feel safe anymore...

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To the Triangle

So, now that I have my site up, it's time to say hey to all my friends that have stuck by me for a long time...

Dana: ^_^ Thanks for being there when I was suffering from Post Hole Syndrome...^_~

Jess: Work sucks, I know....I hope they burn for keeping you away from us.

Diego-sama: Why on earth are you here? Did I force you into it? I'm sorry...I probably did.....How many languages did you sign up for next year? ^_~

Jeremy: YOU TOO?! NO WAY! ^_^ I still don't know why Jesse (that guy at the fire drill) just doesn't seem to grasp the concept that I know much more than he does about Star Wars....

Mike R: I'm sorry for starving you......and I hope you forgive me as I forgive you for abandoning were hungry, I don't blame you...^_^

Hm....who else? Oh yes!!!

Tyrael: heh, almost forgot, very sorry. We still have to plan out what we're going to do while I'm in California.....I want to check out colleges*plots*

Bishounen of the Month
Norman Reedus
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